About the Director

011Engineer Noel K Ngowi is the Managing Director of The Technoentrepreneurs Company LTD. He used to work with TANROADS and Ministry of works in Tanzania but today He works fully with his Company.

When working with TANROADS and Ministry of works in Tanzania, he specialized in Bridge Engineering, Highway Design Engineering, Member of Agency Implementation Team which founded the Dar Rapid Transit (DART), Head of Engineering for TANROADS location of Ruvuma region, and the Chief Engineer for Central Laboratory in Tanzania.

Mr. Ngowi graduated from University of Dar es Salaam with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) in Civil Engineering in 1991 and M.SC in Highway Engineerin from the same University in 2000. He is registered with Engineers Registration Board as Consulting Engineer since 2007.

He has published a paper entitled “Road Geometry and Maintenance of trunk roads in Tanzania” with the Annual Road Convention in 2002. He is also a Co-publisher of Applicability of Equivalent Layer Theory in Mechanistic Design of Overlays in Tanzania” with the East African Engineering Journal. He is also a writer of books entitled “A Modern and Practical Approach to Road Geometry” and “Technologies are the arts”.


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